Vegan finds in Singapore

In November, we traveled to Singapore and Thailand. We didn't know much about Southeast Asia, but it's been a dream of mine to visit an elephant sanctuary and we'd heard amazing things about Elpehant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. We attended our friends, Andy and Chui Ling's wedding in Singapore and after the wedding, we and the newlyweds went on a 5-day trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand including and overnight excursion to Elephant Nature Park. The entire experience was phenomenal; and so was the food! Several people asked us how challenging it was to find vegan eats in Singapore and Chiang Mai, and the quick answer is -not challenging at all!

Vegan meal on Singapore airlines

Vegan meal from the Green Dot

Singapore may seem like an unlikely place to find a delicious variety of vegan food, but we're glad to say that we did! I'm not so sure that we would have had much luck traveling on our own, but our friends introduced us to so many tasty treats! They also showed us what to look for and what to ask for when seeking vegan food. We quickly learned the Chinese character for vegetarian, and sought only all-vegetarian restaurants and food stalls which we found in each of the neighborhoods we visited. Our hotel was situated in between two vegetarian restaurants, Greenland Vegetarian and Nature Vegetarian. The barley tea and den den noodles at Nature Vegetarian quickly became favorites of ours. Andy and Chui Ling's wedding lunch was an all vegetarian buffett, featuring a wide variety of food. We especially enjoyed the sushi, as we haven't had sushi since going vegan.

Vegan sushi from Andy and Chui Ling's wedding

We didn't take too many food photos in Singapore, but we tried amazing Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Japanese cuisine.

Singapore noodles

We also tried a few Chinese desserts and the infamous durian! After seeing signs banning durian in hotels, train stations, malls, massage throughout our travels in southeast Asia, we decided we must try the fruit. It reminded me alot of jackfruit, and I thought it was tasty; however, Jack could barely tolerate the smell.

Chinese desserts

One of the most pleasantly surprising meals was our airport meal on the way home. Andy and Chui Ling took us to the hidden hawker canteen in Changi Airport and we got an epic and budget friendly breakfast from the vegetarian stall.

Changi airport vegan hawker fare

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