Vegan eats in Chiang Mai, Thailand


In Chiang Mai, there were plenty of all vegetarian restaurants, and it has a reputation for being the best place in Thailand for vegans. Chiang Mai is home to an annual nine-day veggie festival where the vegetarian and vegan options are said to triple. Dinner at the Bamboo Bee

In addition to fantastic vegan meals, we also enjoyed plenty of mango sticky rice, coconut milk ice cream, and soy milk lassis!

Ginger mint drink from the Bamboo Bee

Muesli, fruit, soy yogurt and coconut rice pudding at Blue Diamond Cafe

Fresh fruit from Blue Diamond Caffee

Papaya salad

Lunch at Pun Pun Vegetarian in Wat Suan Dok

Pad thai with tofu at Pun Pun Vegetarian in Lunch at Pun Pun vegearian in Wat Suan Dok

Fried mushrooms with peanut sauce and cucumbers at Pun Pun vegetarian

Lunch at Pun Pun Vegetarian

Blue rice, colored with flowers from Aum vegetarian

Aum vegetarian

Sushi from Aum Vegetarian

As the main attraction to Chiang Mai was the elephant nature park, we were thrilled to spend two full days and one night there. The park serves only vegetarian food, and our guide was kind enough to point out to us the dishes that were not vegan. Read more about our experience here.

Elephant Nature Park buffet plate