Bouma Falls Daytrip


We’ve just completed our first week of work at Paradise Taveuni! Check out the Paradise blogpost Jack posted here: Paradise Taveuni is located on the Southern Side of Taveuni. We made our first day trip north to Bouma Falls with five kids and a group of resort guests. It took a couple of hours by car, with stops along the way.

Taveuni views Our first stop was the beautiful cathedral, which is celebrating 150 years next week.


Our next stop was at the International Date Line. Here we were able to stand in today and yesterday.

180 Meridian Then we made it to Bouma Falls. There were three waterfall stops and we hiked to the first two.  The walks were beautiful and good exercise. The water was very cold, but it felt refreshing after the journey.

Jack jumping at the falls Jack and Alise at Bouma Falls

On the way back, we stopped at the natural waterslide. The water here was warmer…or maybe we were just acclimated by that point.

Natural water slide

It was a nice, full day and the kids were knocked out for the trip back. We’re looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful island!