Graduation and Preparations


IMG_0334 Today is Jack's last day of work in the States! This is his fourth summer teaching Studio Art and Graphic Design to 8th and 9th graders with the Partners program in Oakland. It's a month long program that always seems to fly by; but this year really zoomed by since we leave for Fiji tomorrow! Today is his students' graduation ceremony, and I think the reality of our trip will hit once he he locks up his classrooms.



We had a full week and we managed to complete a majority of our to-do-list. Our bags are about 70% packed and now we're making final decisions and shopping lists. We are taking two suitcases: one for our clothing and another for our books and art supplies, along with our carry-on bags holding our electronics. Luckily, we won't need much!

In between all of the packing, we're getting some quality time in with Zoey and reminding her we'll be back. Our next post will be from Fiji!