Planter Murals in the Laurel District

In the summer of 2017, we completed a planter mural project sponsored by the Laurel District Association. We painted eleven planters located in the Laurel neighborhood of Oakland on MacArthur Ave between 38th Ave and 39th Ave. We live in the Laurel and love being able to share our art in our community.

The Process

Jack painting a planter on MacArthur at 39th Ave in front of Cafe Santana.

Jack painting a planter on MacArthur at 39th Ave in front of Cafe Santana.

In November 2016, we applied to a request for proposals for art installation on a series of planters in the Laurel District on MacArthur between 35th street and High street. We were very excited about the opportunity to create so close to home. Our application included a description of our plan for the planters, a budget for the project, a proposed timeline, samples of our past work and references. We were notified that we were selected for the project in early 2017 with the goal was to have the art completed in time for the 18th Annual Laurel Street Fair World Music Festival in August. 

We signed our contracts and the Laurel District Association arranged to have the planters cleaned. We sketched out some designs and began painting in June. 

It was super convenient to work close to home. We took a wheelbarrow with our paints down to the planters each time we painted. We bought our paints from the Laurel Ace Hardware and stayed caffeinated at Cafe Santana. We loved talking with the community while we painted. 

The Planters