Grammy Recognition!


In 2011, not long after we met, Jack was working on a design project for Pacific Mambo Orchestra (PMO), a 19-Piece Latin Big Band from San Francisco. A few months prior, a friend invited Jack to see PMO perform in San Francisco. He took his sketchbook and pencil, and did a sketch of the band, representing all 19 members and the lively energy of their music.  They loved it and stayed in touch.

Pacific Mambo Orchestra

When they were working on their self-produced album, PMO contacted Jack for a logo and used his sketch and designs for their album artwork. PMO_logo

Last year, we were super excited to hear PMO was nominated for a Grammy. Their album was featured on the homepage of iTunes, and we enjoyed seeing both PMO's music and Jack's artwork spread. They won the Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album!

In Friday's mail, Jack received a certificate of recognition for being a part of the Grammy Award-winning album. PMO has already contacted Jack for future artwork, so there will be more to come!