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EastRand Studios is a collaborative project of Alise and Jack Eastgate, partners in life and art, specializing in live painting, design, and public art.

Alise and Jack Eastgate are Oakland-based collaborative visual artists. Alise is from Louisiana and Jack is from the Fiji Islands; they each found creative inspiration and one another in Oakland. Alise and Jack have exhibited in solo and group shows in the Bay Area and they have live-painted at events and festivals throughout California and the Fiji Islands. Through their joint project, East Rand Studios, they have created public art in Naitasiri, Fiji and in Oakland, California. Their work draws from the lush, tropical landscapes of Fiji along with the creative traditions of the African diaspora, the South Pacific Islands, and the contemporary styles of Oakland. Using these sources of inspiration, Alise and Jack create paintings that are aligned with a just and kind world they imagine and aspire to create.


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